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I Offer Various Reiki Services

Jose’s reiki sessions, Reiki healing classes and his practical wisdom; are the perfect way for new and long term clients who are seeking to adopt and have an improved life of balance, integrated health and change for the better.

Come learn how to do healing on yourself or others by joining a class. More information about our next workshop.

Reiki Sessions

My Thoughts

We are truly powerful individuals in spirit, mind and body as we persevere amidst constant bombarded of stress from our environment.

This is why my intention is to assist and empower clients to bring you not only relief from distress, but to also expand your awareness about self care from an energetic and emotional place and restore balance.

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    My Advantages

    Personalized Treatment

    You will receive a full individualized treatment, energy healing and wisdom to help you succeed in your goals.

    Practitioners Network

    We will work closely with all your health practitioners.

    Licensed Reiki Master

    Member of the International Center for Reiki Training Reiki Training Membership Association.

    Comfortable Clinic

    Calming and inviting. Centrally located in the downtown area.

    Wealth Of Experience

    14 years as Reiki Teacher, 20 years as wellness facilitator.

    Multiple Classes

    I offer all levels of Usui/ Holy Fire Reiki classes.

    Let Go Now
    Are you having a hard time? Too much pain, suffering and starting to lose your way?
    Let us help you regain your power and sense of your self again...

    Latest News And Research

    "It is your right to have the experience you desire in your heart. Believe in yourself and manifest thru faith and your power of choice."

    ~ A Blog by Jose Leon

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