This Is My Calling

I have always known since I was young that I wanted to be a vessel for healing and be of service. My life choices (psychology, nursing, massage therapy and reiki) helped me gain more tools and wisdom to support clients from a more encompassing perspective.

My Vision

To help “lift the veil” of client’s false perceptions of themselves that keeps them suffering, inflammation or in pain. Empowering them with energy healing, tools, power of choice and the self-awareness, that they can change and create the reality they want.

To teach as many people this amazing Holy Fire® Reiki vibration energy module to help themselves and those they care for.

Jose Leon is a trained master teacher of the Usui Holy Fire Reiki, a workshop facilitator and was a Registered massage therapist between 2000 – 2018. He has maintained a successful private practice in Vancouver, BC, since 2000.

His expertise as a wellness educator led him to create a popular wellness services for staff at St Paul’s Hospital from 2003-2008.  Jose was brought in to offer reiki support for the Kaska (Watson Lake) First Nation People of the Yukon and has been a recurring wellness speaker  for the students and faculty of Blanche Macdonald school of esthetics about wellness in the workforce.

He supports client healing, empowerment and awareness by combining intuitive wisdom, practical solutions, physical and emotional healing in his instruction. Learn more about Jose’s Reiki training classes and Reiki services.

Kind Words

Kind Words

“The light and grace of Reiki, through the work that he does, has touched my life most profoundly. His wisdom keeps me grounded at the centre of my being, where I can really see my true divinity. He often reflects to me the journey I’m on and provides insights that I would not have seen.

We need clear, grounded, humble healers to reflect this to us, and we have been gifted one through him.” — Kate