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What Are Reiki Attunements

Reiki is an ancient healing practise that has been perfected by Japanese teachings as a way of bringing those unwell back to a state of vitality.

Reiki is a combination of two words Rei and Ki which are translated as universal life energy.

As humans evolved to be much more self-sufficient, there came a need when a medical practitioner wasn’t available.

This is where a Reiki practitioner is like a vessel who gives someone their life force from part of the body into that other person’s chakra.

Reiki treats humans with the understanding that we are energy vessels, and thus energy is able to flow from one person to another.

So a Reiki attunement prepares you to receive this energy from your Reiki master, as well, what is wonderful about the attunement processes is that it imparts the energy that you are able to store for the rest of your life, so that way you are able to spread it to others also.

A Reiki attunement invites yourself to open your crown along with your heart chakras which are positioned at the top of
your head along with the area of your heart.

It can also involve your palm chakra since you may be also using your hands to transfer the energy you are about to
receive from your Reiki master.

A Reiki attunement is vital because it can show you how to impart this energy to someone else.

Attunement usually will need some preparation on your part about a week before your Reiki session.

It is best that you feel a connection with your Reiki master as this will help to provide a smooth process, along with the fact that you should avoid any meat products such as those that have come from ocean animals.

And if you smoke you should consider cutting down on the number of cigarettes that you smoke on a daily basis.

Additionally, you will want to consider going on a juice or water fast a few days before the attunement.

Any sort of brain stimulation such as TV, Radio, and the Internet should be limited as much as possible.

When you go into your session, you will want to wear comfortable clothing such as natural fabrics such as cotton or linen.

You may also consider having someone drive you back after your attunement as you may experience an energy shift that may make you relaxed or sleepy.

A Reiki attunement may provide you with a spiritual awakening like nothing else you may have felt. For other people, it will enable you to connect to an infinite universal source that can help progress through your life as best as possible.

It will also give you the additional benefit of giving you the ability to heal your own self since the power will exist already in you going forward.

Learning Reiki Training Classes Near You

Learning Reiki Training Classes Near Me

Most people can dive in today and learn how to perform Reiki.

It is a wonderful way to get started on being able to learn about your body, and energy healing, along with then being able to go out and help others as well.

To get started you will need to get a Reiki Attunement from a Reiki Master to pass the energy and the ability to do Reiki from the master to the student.

The Reiki Attunement is a powerful and highly spiritual experience. The process allows the master healer to open the crown, heart, and palm chakras to create a special  connection between the student and Reiki source.

The process of energy transfer can be changed from person to person, based on what each student needs.

A single Reiki Attunement is all it takes to make you capable of healing another person with Reiki.

Once you have the energy passed to you from a master, it cannot and never will leave you.

Since there are multiple levels of Reiki, you will need another Attunement each time you move up.

While you only need one Attunement for each level more than one Attunement can provide additional benefits.

Reiki Level 1 allows you to heal others with your hands. Though this is really intended for you to heal yourself, it can help you heal others as well.

You can have this Attunement at any age and it only takes about a day.

It should be practiced regularly, if not daily, or else a reattunement may be required.

Reiki Level 2 is at least 4 times more powerful than Reiki Level 1. This level is required to provide distance healing to others.

People should practice Reiki for three months at level 1 before trying to attune at this level. This is necessary to ensure that the body is cleansed appropriately for the attunement.

Reiki Level 3, also known as a Reiki Master Healer, is at least 10 times more power than the 2nd level, and healers at this level can send Reiki with thought alone, and allows them to attune others.

People who are Reiki level 2 should practice regularly for at least one to three years before trying for attunment at this level.

To give a Reiki treatment, the person being healed lie down on a massage table, if this is not ideal, treatments can be given to clients who are standing or sitting, though lying down is preferable.

Then the healer will place their hands on or near the clients body and use a series of hand positions based on the clients needs. Positions are held for three to ten minutes depending on how much Reiki is needed at each position. Each treatment lasts anywhere from 45 to 90 minutes.

Reiki treatments get better with practice and can be used on ones self as well as others.

Want to get started with your Reiki journey? Learn more about all of our Reiki training programs and contact us today!

What Is Reiki Healing And How Does Reiki Work

Reiki comes from two Japanese words, Rei meaning God’s wisdom or higher power, and Qi meaning life force energy. The Japanese stress reduction in healing therapy literally translates to spiritually guided life force energy.

Reiki is based on the idea that health comes from the Qi flowing through and around a person rather than the condition of the physical body. Qi is the reason why the physical organs function in a healthy way and when the flow of Qi is blocked or disrupted it adversely affects the body causing the illness.

Qi responds to a person’s thoughts and feelings, so positive thoughts help the Qi flow more freely through the body to contribute to improved health, negative thoughts contribute to a poor flow of Qi to contribute to decreased health and vitality.

Even Western medicine is starting to recognize the mind-body connection and the ability to improve or worsen health conditions.

To understand how the mind-body connection works you must understand that all the organs are connected to the nervous system via the nerves the transmit messages to and from the brain, therefore our mind is more than the brain itself.

Reiki is a natural and safe way to heal the body it’s spiritual healing practices can be used via a practitioner but self healing techniques are also available for those who cannot find a practitioner in their area anyone can learn Reiki for self healing purposes including children and the elderly as age and health state don’t affect the ability to practice.

No credentials or special background are required to get the necessary training all it takes is about 10 hours of in-person training from a Reiki practitioner typically these classes are taught in groups and a nominal fee is charged to cover the class. You will only be able to learn from a qualified Reiki Master.

Religion has spiritual components and though Reiki is spiritual, there is no religion, and you are not required to believe in anything specific to learn Reiki or to have it work for you. The spiritual part of Reiki suggests everyone should live and act in ways that promote harmony with one another, a nearly culturally universal belief.

With Reiki self healing techniques, you can start to feel much better, want to learn more about Reiki classes and sessions, contact us today for more information on how you can change your life for the better.

Understanding Our Stress And Global Isolation

I wanted to first, thank all those that are sending love, support, kindness and energy healing (reiki students) to the world and others behind the scenes and those on bigger platforms on social media during these times.

As I sit and ask what wisdom can I pass to those that are feeling overwhelming emotions from the global climate today… many things channel thru. As many of my students, clients and dear one whom know me know that I process more in physical body then emotionally. Yet…

As I write and connect to you all, I can feel a deep soul grief and profound aloneness (feel tears wheeling up).
I sense so many emotions of sad, anger, fear and the helplessness of trying to control the challenges that are coming emotionally and practically from things that cannot be controlled for the first time in your life in many ways.

Many of my clients have been seeing me via zoom/phone/reiki/guidance with a common concern:

“Why do I have so much anxiety, fears, sadness and cant sleep or I am getting heavy nightmares/stress dreams?”

There are many things that are affecting you during these unprecedented times.These are 3 things that are making you feel less grounded and overwhelmed:

1. Uncertainty Of Future

We don’t know how long this isolation will take. Our most basic needs are being challenged. Ability to pay rent, pay mortgages, loss jobs or businesses. fear, worry and anxiety are triggered by the inability to control our environment.

2. Relationships/Personal Issues And Unresolved Coping Ways

Due to forced isolation, we have been forced to spend all our time with spouses and ourselves. Many of have been able to cope with our issues by being busy with work, social life and other distractions.

With no place to run away or redirect the uncomfortable issues plus strains of more financial and practical stress are causing all of us to face our core issues that have been swept under the rug.

3. Spiritual/Vibrational Shifting

The world and the human race are in period fo great forced transformation.As we all know, the human body and mother earth have a powerful natural sense of self preservation to bring balance.

We don’t need to look to far to see the planet was inflamed and out of balance as humanity had lost its way in many respects. Thought we continue to grow and raise our consciousness.

This global situation has created a space for the whole world to have the opportunity to rest and heal at the same time for the first time in history. This is is profoundly powerful at a global and vibrational level.

“What Can I Do?”

1. Breathe dear one.. a lot of these things are beyond your control. Get rid of the self judgements and understand that the overwhelming energies and emotions that you are experiencing are not all yours.You and the planet are being forced to process so many things to heal vibrationally.

2. Create or lean on all the positive coping tools and things you walked thru in past that made you the strong person you are. Walk, nature, sage, calming music, sea salt baths, meditation, prayers, energy support, connect love ones, mindfulness and get support for energy or counselling if you are losing your way.

3. Allow yourself to feel your emotions. Don’t be afraid as a part of you is just longing to honour the space that can say, “I am not perfect or I cant figure all out and… its okay!”

It’s not always about fixing and taking the pain away but to create the space to acknowledge and feel, so that it can release easier.

4. Power of choice. Remember you are a co-creator of what you think a lot about and do. Most of our life is a reflection of beliefs and choices we make repeatedly.

Project to your mind every morning how you want to feel in your day and body. Choose to bring only positive or healthy choices into your diet, mind and beliefs.

5. Learn exercises and modules to ground and clear stress energies (like reiki). Reach out to those that understand you or check in for support somewhere.


You are amazingly powerful and resourceful. Just like the world and humanity has gone thru difficult challenges (depressions, world wars and other plagues), it will persevere thru these times as well.

We will succeed and transcend because our hearts and kindness are at its biggest and strongest when the world is at its most hardship. 🙏

We will all be in our most healed powerful self on the other side of this.

As an empath and light-worker, I would have to say when I do my walks in last 20 years living Downtown, this is first time that I have felt the energy of planet and people so clean and connected as one. 🙏


“How you decide to spend your time in this isolation will strongly impact how you heal, grow and empower your new self on the other side of this pandemic/earth change.”

3 Benefits Of Reiki Treatments

3 Benefits Of Reiki Treatments

Reiki has many wonderful benefits that one can receive from it. Reiki treatments main purpose is to help promote a positive mind, along with its support for the body physically, so you can feel and experience more happiness in your life.

Moreover, one does not have to be sick, or not feeling well to be able to receive its full line of healing benefits.

Here are 3 benefits of reiki treatments that you may not have known about:

Helps You To Achieve Spiritual Growth

To enjoy this benefit, someone doesn’t even have to be into spirituality, but this is a great way to learn more about yourself through its energy healing.

What reiki does is it does not just target one particular symptom, but it helps to focus on the entire being so that way you receive a more thorough holistic approach to its healing energy.

What this does it helps you see the world in a more positive light and have the confidence to go out there and achieve must more in life, therefore enhancing your being throughout.

Helps To Clean The Body From Toxins And Strengthens The Immune System

Life is often times way too stressful, but this becomes the unfortunate reality and normality for most of us, and then what happens is we never allow ourselves to relax and let our bodies to go back into that balance state of body and mind.

Reiki is great for this as it helps to get the body back into that self-healing state where our nervous system shifts back to its normal calm state.

It allows for better digestion and gives you that peace of mind to live your life in less of a stress-free mode.

Helps You To Sleep Better

The greatest thing you can receive from reiki is relaxation, and when someone is more calm, and has a more relaxed state, then they sleep better, and thats where we can give our bodies a chance to repair itself from top to bottom.

This is one of the more exciting benefits of reiki as often patients will find it very relaxing to be a part of a reiki session and sometimes may even sleep peacefully while in a treatment.


Reiki has many more benefits than the ones just listed above, but if you are in a state where you feel reiki can be of help to you, feel free to contact our reiki office and we look forward to helping you on your life’s journey.

What Is Reiki And Why It Is Important

What Is Reiki And Why It Is Important

So much has been discussed about Reiki energy healing in todays world of integrated healthcare, but for those that are new to the practice, there may be some confusion about what Reiki really is.

In today’s post we are going to shed some more light on what is Reiki and why Reiki can help you with your overall wellness.

For those that do not know, Reiki energy healing is a Japanese technique of stress reduction, relaxation, and it also promotes healing.

As everything in the universe is energy, including your emotions.

When we have emotions, we can have emotional blocks that we hold onto, and that can affect that pure life force energy.

So Reiki is about helping to release those blocks.

Reiki is about overall wellness that you are going for in your life.

As a holistic health practitioner, I am looking at mind, body, and spirit as its very healing in all aspects.

There are even hospitals now that are even using Reiki as coping mechanisms to help you recharge and re-centre and Reiki is an excellent tool for doing that.

We all want to feel at peace and in calm, and thats what Reiki helps you to do, and every living soul can benefit from it.

The biggest lesson we can learn from Reiki healing is that its another great tool to add to our wellness toolbox.

Its going to help you with your own stress reduction, relaxation, it helps our bodies to heal, it helps you centre yourself at the end of the day, as well as helping us to prepare for the day ahead and all the stresses and anxieties that can come up.

Want to book your first Reiki session treatment? Book online today, and let us know what you think in the comment section below.


Energy Healing And How You Can Use It To Improve Yourself

Energy Healing And How You Can Use It To Improve Yourself

I am very excited to discuss with you what is reiki energy healing and why its important to your overall well being.

Reiki is there to help you with stress and anxiety reduction, and helps to promote healings of your body, spirit, and your mind.

Reiki will help you work through issues you may be experiencing physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually, in anyone of these 4 bodies of existence.

When we perform reiki with always having good intention, we hold that space for you to always feel safe, and we hold the energy so you can feel what it is you need to feel as well as allowing you to let go of what you need to let go of.

You are going to feel energy in many different places such as energy in your knees, in your shoulders, in the crown of your head. Life force energy comes through the reiki practitioner and into you, and channeling it to you using different hand placements.

If you want to improve the energy in your system, in your aura, and clear your chakras, and feel healthier in so many ways.

When there is disease in the body, and uncomfortableness and pain, reiki energy helps to heal it, to be able to transform that disease into good flowing energy by clearing any energy blocks.

It takes you to simply change your world, because when you decide to heal from the inside out, when you clear blocks, when you clear out your subconscious and when you learn to love yourself in the the space of love and gratitude and have peace in your life, be free from fear, and have faith, when you heal yourself, you raise your own vibration, you raise the frequency at which you live and you raise the frequency of the universe as we are all living as one on this planet.

And when we heal we raise the level of happiness and love in the universe for us all to live in harmony and peace. These are some of the powerful affects of energy healing as it becomes not just about you and your harmony, but that of the universe.

We have to heal so we can also help heal the earth and the world around us and people around us, and your body knows how to bring in this energy to help you heal.

Want to learn more about reiki and book your first session? Book online now, and I look forward to meeting you.

Essential Practices For Your Self Care Routine

Essential Practices For Your Self Care Routine

We all have those days where we just need a little treat like a face mask or a really good bath. But what’s better than an indulgent day every once and a while? Building a routine that focuses on self-care, of course.

Whether you’re looking for a weekly routine for a Sunday kick-start to the work week or something to integrate into every morning, here are just a couple essential practices to include and how to make them happen:

1. Journaling

This one might be something you’ve tried and given up on a couple times. It seems like a great idea at first, use a notebook to really reflect and have a space to get out all those emotions you don’t want boiling up at the wrong time. But how do you make this self-care essential a habit?

Making something a usual part of your day is hard no matter the task, but when it’s something as time consuming as journaling you’ll need to take the extra mile. Make sure you time block your day in your calendar and set a reminder when you wake up – or go to sleep, whenever you prefer – to really make sure you’re on top of it every day. Even if you’re not in the mood, or you didn’t have a spectacularly news-worthy day, take the time to write something, even if it’s not long.

If you make sure to follow those reminders and push yourself to write no matter what, this reflective activity will be part of your routine in no time.

2. Self-Massage

There’s nothing better than going for a massage, honestly, but not everyone can afford to dish out the fee every time they’re in need of a little relaxing. There’s so many benefits to massage – like increased levels of serotonin and reduced muscle inflammation – that it’s a must as part of your self-care goals. So how do we get all these without going to a therapist?

Well, that’s where self-massage comes in. It may seem kind of silly, but there are lots of exercises you can actually perform on yourself to get that perfect massage in a pinch. The belly massage can be done in bridge pose while massaging your lower belly and working your way up to the ribcage. The neck massage – one you may already be doing after a long day at work – involves tilting your head back and squeezing the muscles at the base of your neck.

Overall, these simple exercises are not only great for muscle relief but also for relaxing at the end of a hard day.

3. Exercise

This might seem obvious, but if you’re looking to really take care of yourself, exercise is a must for your routine. For some it might even seem counter-intuitive, because when your treating yourself do you really want to work out of all things?

The trick for using exercise in a self-care routine is to make sure you aren’t overtraining and to pick routines that make you feel happy, energized, and good afterwards. You shouldn’t dread a workout, but instead focus on how it made you feel in body and mind. When you work out, adrenaline floods to the brain which can help clear your thoughts and ease muscle pain. Focus on this feeling when amping yourself up for the gym and build a workout plan that makes you feel this way every time, like high intensity cardio intervals.

Getting in a good workout might seem like a drag to add to your weekly or daily routine, but the energized and happy feelings you get after will be totally worth it.

4. Skin Care

Taking care of your skin doesn’t just have to be for your beauty routine, but can be made into a truly relaxing practice. No matter your skin type and beauty needs, finding the right products and ingredients is important as it can be super helpful in getting the relaxing experience you need.

One trick to turn beauty care into self care is by paying attention to the smells of your products. I know, who cares, right? Well beyond just making sure your products are skin healthy, look for essential oils and fragrances that make you feel good too. Natural smells like chamomile, rosemary, and green tea work to sooth your skin and mind at the same time.

This is a great addition to your self care routine as you probably already do some form of it weekly already, just make sure you’re choosing the best routine to make you feel at your best.

So, what do you do as part of your self-care routine? Let us know in the comments!

How Pampering Yourself Can Actually Improve Your Health

How Pampering Yourself Can Actually Improve Your Health

For a long time “treating yourself” has seemed like a purely selfish act with absolutely no benefit. But what if pampering yourself was actually good for you?

Here are a few things that are both selfish and great for you. Because whoever said taking care of you was ever a bad thing:

1. Shop Till You Drop

Not literally in this case. Because recent studies have shown that retail therapy might not just be an excuse to shop, but a real scientifically proven way to reduce stress and improve your health.

There are a lot of benefits to shopping, but some of the ones we normally think of is relaxation and escape. People tend to find the act of walking around, trying clothes on, and not even buying anything a type of relaxation akin to meditation.

Beyond just being relaxing by nature, shopping also has the benefit of being a social activity, which can help trigger happy chemicals in our brain from human connection. Pair these things with the physical activity you get from walking while shopping, it’s an easy way to keep healthy while still indulging in something just for you.

2. Treat Yourself To A Massage

For a long time, massage was viewed only as something that spa-goers indulged in for a little relaxation. Today, however, the world has begun to recognize massage therapy’s many health benefits, both mental and physical.

The most obvious health benefit from massage is anxiety and stress relief from it’s calming and neutralizing affect. Beyond that, it’s also been proven to help greatly with digestive disorders and insomnia.

But what if you want to treat yourself but you’re a little squeamish about the random person touching you part?

Well there’s something called self-massage which is exactly what it sounds like. Some techniques are the belly massage, where you sit in bridge position and massage up your stomach, or the neck massage where you roll your head backwards and forwards to really get into the muscle.

3. Pop A Bottle Of Your Best Red

One of the more popular scientific discoveries of late is that a glass of wine a day might actually be good for you. Wine lovers rejoice!

Among some benefits found from ingesting wine daily is preserving memory, burning more calories a day, protecting against ovarian cancer, and even reducing insulin resistance.

Obviously, any type of alcohol is dangerous in excess, but if you’re a wine lover a glass a day might actually give you an advantage in the health department. Make sure you pair your daily intake with a healthy diet so you can live a happier, healthier life.

4. Take A Long Bath

I think almost anyone could have guessed this one. Nothing that feels as good as a hot bath after a long day’s work could be bad for you, right? Taking a bath is more than just relaxing and muscle healing, though.

A new study has showed that taking a bath can burn calories just like exercise. The science revolves around a relatively new concept called “passive heating”, where you can simulate heat experienced during exercise with other means.

The study showed that an hour-long bath resulted in an average of 140 calories burned in the subjects, around the same in a short walk.

Other studies like this one also explored how passive heating can help reduce heart disease and lower blood pressure.

So, stop thinking of your weekly bubble bath as a luxury and start thinking of it as a workout, because it has a lot of the same effects.

5. Get Your Nails Done

It’s hard to believe that getting a mani-pedi could be anything but frivolous and indulgent. But with nail care becoming a daily activity for most young people, it’s seem obvious that people would start to think of how it might be beneficial to us.

One of the best benefits of getting manicure is the relaxation that comes with being out of control. When you’re at a salon with your fingers wet, you can’t check your phone or email, it’s like a mini-vacation from life.

But what’s also interesting, is how painting nails can be similar to meditation. Because it requires focus, it’s hard to think of a million other things while doing your nails. Similar to how colouring books are considered art therapy now, so can the art of painting your nails.

So, don’t be afraid to pop into the salon or do them yourself, it might just help your mental health.

What selfish thing do you do that keeps you healthy? Let us know in the comments!

Things To Include In Your Diet For Mental Health

Things To Include In Your Diet For Mental Health

Maybe you’re watching your diet because you’re trying to lose weight, or maybe you’re just trying to live a healthier lifestyle in general. But did you know certain foods have an effect on our brains too? When choosing your diet, you always want to make sure you know how the ingredients of each meal you have interact with your body, but don’t forget to make sure you’re getting the right food for your brain too.

Here’s just a couple foods and ingredients to include in your diet for a happy and healthier mind:

1. Blueberries

The antioxidant rich berries are pretty well known for being at the top of all superfood lists. But did you know blueberries are actually great for your brain too? According to recent research, the berries have a strong relation to reduced stress, anti-aging, and higher cognitive abilities. Overall, because they are so healthy for both your body and mind, they should be an essential part of any good diet.

2. Turkey Breast

You might not be surprised to hear that that sleepy, happy feeling you get after Thanksgiving has a scientific reason behind it. Turkey is a great producer of the chemical serotonin in the brain which is responsible for feelings of happiness and well-being. If you’re looking for a stress-combating addition to your diet, turkey breast sandwiches or ground turkey dinners are a perfect way to keep you relaxed day after day.

3. Salmon

Any fish with a high-fat content can substitute for this one, but researchers rave on the mental benefits you can get from salmon. First of all, salmon has a huge amount of Omega 3-s, which aren’t just important for your physical health but great for your brain also. They’ve been shown to slow diseases like Alzheimer’s in the long term and can ward off learning impairments if they are integrated in your daily diet.

4. Dark Leafy Greens

Adding more green to your diet is never a bad thing, but some studies are showing that dark leafy vegetables are also great in helping memory. One opinion is that this is due to the amount of folate in the brain which may slow the amount of dying nerve cells keeping your memory in tact. Though more research needs to be done to really pin down what’s going on here, it’s clear that adding some leafy greens to your diet can only help.

5. Eggs

Like most people, I just don’t feel right if I don’t have a good egg for breakfast. But new studies are showing that regular egg intake – specifically the vitamin D found in eggs – is important for avoiding cognitive decline as you age. It’s important that you eat a whole egg too, as it’s that yellow yolk that contains all the vitamin D you need to kickstart your day and a healthy brain.

6. Red Wine

Okay so not an item in a “diet” per se, but it’s pretty cool that red wine might actually be good for us too. Turns out that red wine is super rich with polyphenols which could be delaying and slowing early on-set Alzheimer’s. Though there is no cure for Alzheimer’s, adding foods to your diet that delay the on-set of the disease can be really important. Try with just a glass of red wine a night and get closer to a healthy, happier you.

7. Avocados

It’s well known that saturated fat is important for brain function as it’s a part of every brain cell. It shouldn’t be surprising, then, that avocados are on this list. The fats found in avocados also help blood flow, helping more blood reach the brain which helps it to function at its best. Overall, including an avocado into some of your meals is not only great for your body – as it’s also shown to prevent heart disease – but also your mind.

8. Coconut Oil

Coconut oil may very well be the ingredient to save us all. From boosting fat loss to clearing acne, coconut oil does it all. But what does it do for our brains? Similar to avocados, coconut oil is high in saturated fats which automatically make it great for cognitive function. However, the great thing about this oil – compared to vegetable oils – is that it contains medium-chain triglycerides which acts as great fuel for your brain to make sure it’s not losing too many brain cells. It’s such a versatile oil too, that can be used in cooking, as an egg replacement in baking, and even as a moisturizer.

What foods do you include in your diet for mental wellness? Let us know in the comments!

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