My name is Jose Leon, and I’m a Reiki practitioner and master teacher and today I’m just gonna talk a little bit about what to expect if you come in and learn Reiki with me in one of my many Reiki Training Classes.

I am proud to help my students develop and learn more about themselves and how they can help others by becoming Reiki Practitioners.

In this post, I want to discuss how to become a reiki master which is an incredible way to take your previous teachings to a new level.

One tip I can give you before you start signing up is to make sure you write out what you want to get from this experience and training as that will provide you insight and goals into your desires for growth.

The way my programs are structured is that in level 1 you will learn treatments for yourself at first, that is your first degree Reiki healer, at that point you perform attunement where you learn some of the history of Reiki as well as you learn the hand positions and all that’s involved so that by the end you can go home and you’re good to go to do Reiki on yourself.

You can try as much of Reiki on yourself as you can so preferably every day and maybe even pay a bit of attention to what you eat it’s a bit like a detox you know when you start out and you just sort of make sure that the whole body is good to go then.

In level 2 is where you start learning how to do treatment on others so you might learn how to see a client if you want to become a practitioner or you just take that away and do at home little treatments for your friends and family.

You also will learn how to send Reiki over a distance and how you can help maybe family members who are abroad or friends who are not actually with you. And you also learn a few more of the healing symbols so level 2 is all about getting your hands in there getting lots of practice so you can sense and learn how to use your intuition to place your hands and to really get all of that experience.

In level 3 is where we go even deeper and go in and tune into the energy and at that point usually people notice a lot more heat coming from the hands when they do a Reiki treatment.

So if you’re interested in learning how to do Reiki and if you’re interested in how I teach, you will want to come down and register for a class, and make sure to contact me if you have any questions.

Best to you, Jose Leon

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