So you have heard about Reiki healing and really want to get treated by a Reiki professional. But what is the nearest Reiki healer stays many miles away? Or maybe you don’t feel comfortable enough as yet to opt for an in-person healing.

That’s okay, as you can be attuned to Reiki by distance just as well as in-person. That’s right, distance Reiki is just as effective at attuning you to the Reiki energies as in-person Reiki.

It’s completely up to you as to which type of healing you want. This is a decision you should take based on your intuition and your gut feeling about what’s right for you. Be wary of those who push their opinion onto you in this matter.

There is nothing wrong with either type of Reiki healing. Yes, there is always a personal touch when you receive in-person Reiki healing from a Reiki master. But you should know that you don’t always need a personal touch for the Reiki attunement.

Indeed, some people don’t find in-person Reiki to be beneficial to them for their own reasons, and prefer distance Reiki as it is more convenient and private.

How Does Distance Reiki Work?

Distance Reiki is based on the Hermetic Law of Similarity which states that all of us are energy matter, are connected and part of a much larger whole.

The distance symbol is one of the three symbols received by second degree Reiki practitioners. This symbol, when invoked by the Reiki master, allows them to send Reiki energy across time and space.

This allows the practitioners to perform Reiki on someone who is not physically present in the same place as themselves and connect to their energy.

When it comes to anything related to spirituality or spiritual energies, such as Reiki, always follow your heart and do what you really feel. 

How Distance Reiki Can Still Help You?

Distance Reiki is just as powerful and effective as in-person Reiki. It can be received in the comfort and privacy of your home; there is no reason to go anywhere.You can receive this type of Reiki attunement anytime, anywhere, whenever you are ready to receive it. You will be alone in your room and will have all the privacy you need. Nobody will be watching over you.

You can receive the attunement anytime you feel up to it. There are no restrictions and no pressure of any sort. The schedule is set as per your convenience, so that you can practice Reiki at your own pace.

Distance Reiki is ideal for those living in remote areas, away from the city.  There is no need to travel to the location of the Reiki master, and no reason to drive in the busy city traffic.

Not only is this option effective and efficient, it is also affordable. You will get the individualized attention of the Reiki master, which will help you heal faster from whatever it is that you are ailing from.

Also, if you are shy by nature, distance Reiki is ideal for you. You will feel safe and secure in your home environment.

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