I am very excited to discuss with you what is reiki energy healing and why its important to your overall well being.

Reiki is there to help you with stress and anxiety reduction, and helps to promote healings of your body, spirit, and your mind.

Reiki will help you work through issues you may be experiencing physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually, in anyone of these 4 bodies of existence.

When we perform reiki with always having good intention, we hold that space for you to always feel safe, and we hold the energy so you can feel what it is you need to feel as well as allowing you to let go of what you need to let go of.

You are going to feel energy in many different places such as energy in your knees, in your shoulders, in the crown of your head. Life force energy comes through the reiki practitioner and into you, and channeling it to you using different hand placements.

If you want to improve the energy in your system, in your aura, and clear your chakras, and feel healthier in so many ways.

When there is disease in the body, and uncomfortableness and pain, reiki energy helps to heal it, to be able to transform that disease into good flowing energy by clearing any energy blocks.

It takes you to simply change your world, because when you decide to heal from the inside out, when you clear blocks, when you clear out your subconscious and when you learn to love yourself in the the space of love and gratitude and have peace in your life, be free from fear, and have faith, when you heal yourself, you raise your own vibration, you raise the frequency at which you live and you raise the frequency of the universe as we are all living as one on this planet.

And when we heal we raise the level of happiness and love in the universe for us all to live in harmony and peace. These are some of the powerful affects of energy healing as it becomes not just about you and your harmony, but that of the universe.

We have to heal so we can also help heal the earth and the world around us and people around us, and your body knows how to bring in this energy to help you heal.

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