In this post we are going to go over the basics of crystal healing and how it can help you in your day to day life along with Reiki therapy.

Crystals help to create balance. So when we hold them or place them on our bodies, they allow us to match them in their vibrations.

And if there is any disharmony or imbalance in any aspect of within ourselves, the crystal will then harmonize that.


Its quite a heavy stone and metallic by nature. Its very good for grounding and anchoring. It helps for those suffering with insomnia and for those with difficulty trying to sleep.

You can place the stone next to your head on the pillow or beside you and even onto the body.

This is a great stone to have in your collection in needing to relax, needing to feel more calmer, stillness and quietness.

It helps you relax and brings more tranquility to your body. So if you are feeling hyper active, Hematite is great for this.

A great place to put it is beneath your feet if you are lying down or under your bed to help you connect with the earth and help ground you in.

You can also hold them in your hand, or even hold two where you have one in each hand and then sit in stillness and meditation and let the crystal do its work.

Rose Quartz

Another quiet well known crystal is called Rose Quartz.

It’s for the heart, its a pink colour, and the colour of the crystal gives you an indication of what they do and how they work.

You can place it on the heart chakra, it helps on an emotional level, giving you more calmness and security.

You may be feeling emotional trauma or any kind of negativity on an emotional level.

It is also good for any kind of disharmony around relationships and partnerships. It can help smooth conflict and bring calm and clarity on an emotional level.

It can also help you to release pain associated with emotional attachments so to create more balance in the heart and emotions and just create more harmony in the heart centre bringing through more love and joy in life.

This is another one you will want to have in your collection.


Another beautiful crystal which is also associated with the third eye.

Placing it on your third eye while lying down really helps to harmonize and balance this area. In the third eye we can hold a lot of clutter, which can accumulate from watching a lot of television or even interacting with others in an outdoor negative environment.

So using an amethyst for 5 to 10 minutes can really help you find more balance and clear the fog and creates more clarity and knowing.

Clear Quartz

It looks very outer worldly when you look into it.

It is amazing and well known and used, and one you will need in your collection.

The clear quartz is an amplifier where it amplifies, so if you were to use two crystals together, you could use the amethyst and the clear quartz together, and the amethyst will amply and strengthen and magnify its potential and healing effect.

You can combine it with any crystal, and it also bring clarity, and find the truth in things.

As its clear, you can seek to clear up any area and can cleanse things quickly.

If you are cluttered in the mind, this crystal is also great for that, especially when you feel you cant think clearly or make decisions or take actions.

Its great for manifestation, and also if you have two stones, you can again hold one in each hand, and the crystal will do its work. And be in a place of stillness and open yourself to receive the gifts what the crystal embodies.

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