I wanted to first, thank all those that are sending love, support, kindness and energy healing (reiki students) to the world and others behind the scenes and those on bigger platforms on social media during these times.

As I sit and ask what wisdom can I pass to those that are feeling overwhelming emotions from the global climate today… many things channel thru. As many of my students, clients and dear one whom know me know that I process more in physical body then emotionally. Yet…

As I write and connect to you all, I can feel a deep soul grief and profound aloneness (feel tears wheeling up).
I sense so many emotions of sad, anger, fear and the helplessness of trying to control the challenges that are coming emotionally and practically from things that cannot be controlled for the first time in your life in many ways.

Many of my clients have been seeing me via zoom/phone/reiki/guidance with a common concern:

“Why do I have so much anxiety, fears, sadness and cant sleep or I am getting heavy nightmares/stress dreams?”

There are many things that are affecting you during these unprecedented times.These are 3 things that are making you feel less grounded and overwhelmed:

1. Uncertainty Of Future

We don’t know how long this isolation will take. Our most basic needs are being challenged. Ability to pay rent, pay mortgages, loss jobs or businesses. fear, worry and anxiety are triggered by the inability to control our environment.

2. Relationships/Personal Issues And Unresolved Coping Ways

Due to forced isolation, we have been forced to spend all our time with spouses and ourselves. Many of have been able to cope with our issues by being busy with work, social life and other distractions.

With no place to run away or redirect the uncomfortable issues plus strains of more financial and practical stress are causing all of us to face our core issues that have been swept under the rug.

3. Spiritual/Vibrational Shifting

The world and the human race are in period fo great forced transformation.As we all know, the human body and mother earth have a powerful natural sense of self preservation to bring balance.

We don’t need to look to far to see the planet was inflamed and out of balance as humanity had lost its way in many respects. Thought we continue to grow and raise our consciousness.

This global situation has created a space for the whole world to have the opportunity to rest and heal at the same time for the first time in history. This is is profoundly powerful at a global and vibrational level.

“What Can I Do?”

1. Breathe dear one.. a lot of these things are beyond your control. Get rid of the self judgements and understand that the overwhelming energies and emotions that you are experiencing are not all yours.You and the planet are being forced to process so many things to heal vibrationally.

2. Create or lean on all the positive coping tools and things you walked thru in past that made you the strong person you are. Walk, nature, sage, calming music, sea salt baths, meditation, prayers, energy support, connect love ones, mindfulness and get support for energy or counselling if you are losing your way.

3. Allow yourself to feel your emotions. Don’t be afraid as a part of you is just longing to honour the space that can say, “I am not perfect or I cant figure all out and… its okay!”

It’s not always about fixing and taking the pain away but to create the space to acknowledge and feel, so that it can release easier.

4. Power of choice. Remember you are a co-creator of what you think a lot about and do. Most of our life is a reflection of beliefs and choices we make repeatedly.

Project to your mind every morning how you want to feel in your day and body. Choose to bring only positive or healthy choices into your diet, mind and beliefs.

5. Learn exercises and modules to ground and clear stress energies (like reiki). Reach out to those that understand you or check in for support somewhere.


You are amazingly powerful and resourceful. Just like the world and humanity has gone thru difficult challenges (depressions, world wars and other plagues), it will persevere thru these times as well.

We will succeed and transcend because our hearts and kindness are at its biggest and strongest when the world is at its most hardship.

We will all be in our most healed powerful self on the other side of this.

As an empath and light-worker, I would have to say when I do my walks in last 20 years living Downtown, this is first time that I have felt the energy of planet and people so clean and connected as one.


“How you decide to spend your time in this isolation will strongly impact how you heal, grow and empower your new self on the other side of this pandemic/earth change.”

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