Reiki is an ancient healing practise that has been perfected by Japanese teachings as a way of bringing those unwell back to a state of vitality.

Reiki is a combination of two words Rei and Ki which are translated as universal life energy.

As humans evolved to be much more self-sufficient, there came a need when a medical practitioner wasn’t available.

This is where a Reiki practitioner is like a vessel who gives someone their life force from part of the body into that other person’s chakra.

Reiki treats humans with the understanding that we are energy vessels, and thus energy is able to flow from one person to another.

So a Reiki attunement prepares you to receive this energy from your Reiki master, as well, what is wonderful about the attunement processes is that it imparts the energy that you are able to store for the rest of your life, so that way you are able to spread it to others also.

A Reiki attunement invites yourself to open your crown along with your heart chakras which are positioned at the top of your head along with the area of your heart.

It can also involve your palm chakra since you may be also using your hands to transfer the energy you are about to receive from your Reiki master.

A Reiki attunement is vital because it can show you how to impart this energy to someone else.

Attunement usually will need some preparation on your part about a week before your Reiki session.

It is best that you feel a connection with your Reiki master as this will help to provide a smooth process, along with the fact that you should avoid any meat products such as those that have come from ocean animals.

And if you smoke you should consider cutting down on the number of cigarettes that you smoke on a daily basis.

Additionally, you will want to consider going on a juice or water fast a few days before the attunement.

Any sort of brain stimulation such as TV, Radio, and the Internet should be limited as much as possible.

When you go into your session, you will want to wear comfortable clothing such as natural fabrics such as cotton or linen.

You may also consider having someone drive you back after your attunement as you may experience an energy shift that may make you relaxed or sleepy.

A Reiki attunement may provide you with a spiritual awakening like nothing else you may have felt. For other people, it will enable you to connect to an infinite universal source that can help progress through your life as best as possible.

It will also give you the additional benefit of giving you the ability to heal your own self since the power will exist already in you going forward.

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