Reiki is a Japanese, holistic, energy-based, hands on healing modality. Reiki works to balance the normal flow of chi (life force energy) throughout the body to enhance and accelerate the body’s innate ability to heal. We have all had experiences; the world does not discriminate what events one will have to persevere through. Global fear, addictions, natural disasters, betrayal, loss of a loved one, projected judgement, self-hatred, to name but a few. All affect your energy field and one’s sense of safety and joy.

In my practice, so many clients have their exercise and diet regimes perfected, yet few are aware of how much of their emotional, mental and spiritual energies/bodies are out of balance are affecting their immune system.

Because we have physical, emotional, energetic bodies; internal and environmental factors affect us. We are starting to understand that all aspects of ourselves cannot maintain optimal vitality and health without the other’s support or well-being.

I do feel the world is getting a stronger understanding of healthier living awareness: organic and gluten free food, non GMO products, meditation, energy based modules mainstream modalities, Pilates, yoga, positive mindfulness, all leading to more balance. This is the natural evolution of our souls and humanity to change for for the better.

In today’s world, “I am too busy.. there’s not enough time“, is simply a modern justification to neglect self-care, and to perpetuate an-unhealthy lifestyle or way thinking. Reiki will support your life in so many respects. It is a modality that will compliment your busy lifestyle. It is easy to learn, easy to use and does not need any previous experience.

Learn this wonderful module of Reiki. Reiki will help you clear the anxiety, sadness, anger and shame; the restlessness from your body and the constant chatter in your mind. Reiki will allow you to feel calm, grounded and more positive, allowing you to be in the most optimal place to make the best decisions in the moment that serves your highest good.

It will be in this “absence of stress” that clarity, love, forgiveness, healing and movement in your life will manifest and be truly nurtured.

Thank you for visiting my space. I leave you with these few words:

~Have the courage to love yourself and forgive yourself today, even if you can only allow a little bit at this moment.Then watch your heart open up and your world change ~

Jose Healing

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